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Southwick's Zoo   Mendon, MA 01756

Beginning September 1

through to December 31, 2022

An Epic Journey of forgotten Stories

featuring Myths, Legends & Fairytales

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"A must see Experience!"

"Beautiful!   You have to see it to truly experience the magic”   Kayla M.

"Such a joyful experience! The artistry was nothing I'd seen before!  Beautiful!"  Crystal R.

"Absolutely beautiful at night; like a different world. The lighting and life-size zoo animals throughout are just amazing!   I think it's a family must-do this season.” Christine G.

The Festival of Illumination is a cultural and artistic expression like you have never experienced before, an extraordinary and memorable  event for guests of all ages!
Be immersed in the magical world of impressive and “larger than life” Festival of Illumination lanterns, showcasing the incredible artistry of handcrafted Chinese Lanterns! 
Here at Southwick’s Zoo, the Festival of Illumination fully engages in maintaining the charm of the century-old traditions, while integrating modern technologies and craftsmanship, resulting in a most unique and amazing display, rich in cultural and artistic expression.
Southwick's Zoo
New England's Largest Zoological Experience


Located in the heart of the Blackstone Valley, Southwick’s Zoo is situated on over 200 acres, and is home to over 850 animals featuring more than 160 varied species, many of which are endangered.   Family owned and operated, the Zoo is proud to be a favorite New England destination for over 50 years, and strives to provide a memorable experience for guests of all ages. 

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